Chicken Rice Pilaf

Chicken Rice Pilaf

Chicken Rice Pilaf

3 c. chicken broth

1 c. brown rice

1/2 c. orzo

3 T olive oil

2 c. uncooked chicken breast, diced

1/2 medium onion, minced

2 t. dried parsley

1/2 t. garlic salt

1/4 t. black pepper

Heat 1 T oil in large sauce pan over med-hi.  Add rice and saute until nutty, about five minutes.


Add broth, bring to a boil, cover and set timer for 30 minutes.  Reduce heat to med-low.

rice in broth

In lg. skillet, saute onion in 1 T oil on med-hi for 3 minutes.


Add orzo and saute five minutes until slightly browned.


Add to rice when there are 20 minutes left on the timer.  Add hot water 1//4 cup at a time as needed if the rice and orzo mixture becomes too dry before it’s cooked all the way.

rice and orzo

In skillet, add 1 T oil, chicken, parsley, garlic salt and pepper and saute until browned and cooked through, about 10 minutes.


Add chicken to rice and orzo mix during the last 5 minutes of cooking.  If you prefer your rice a little softer, add 5 minutes to the total cooking time.

Chicken Rice Pilaf


Chicken Rice Pilaf

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